My full name is Kalliope

My full name is Kalliope - I was named after my grandmother, and the Muse who in ancient Greece, presided over eloquence, poetry, music and writing - and everybody calls me Poppy. I am one of the Poppies in July.

I have been working as an interior designer and interiors shop owner my entire adult life. In our shop we felt at home and so did our clients. In a very relaxing ambience you could find the epitome of mix and match; carved wooden antiques next to contemporary pieces, beautiful upholstered furniture against tropical and colourful wallpapers; art objects, rare finds from our trips, unique rugs and wonderful textiles, from all over the world. I love spaces that are inspirationally unexpected, personal and yet totally timeless.

All these compose my world which I would like to share with you. My source of inspiration is everything that stimulates my senses; the view of an old house and my excitement exploring its interior; the feeling of the wind when I open my fingers against it; the smell of fresh sea air and its power to rejuvenate me; the sound of birds singing early at dawn; the taste of a good cup of coffee or the sweet taste of figs and prickly pears of August in Greece.

My rule is that there are no strict rules in decoration, nothing is wrong as long as it pleases you. My ideal project is the one where the clients feel they design their own space, contributing to my work as colleagues.

My one advice? Take that risk, your home should reflect you and what you love, and what you collected over the years. If it’s beautifully chaotic, but everything works together harmoniously, then it’s beautiful.

—By Poppy Stefanaki

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