July, our birthday month

Hi! I am Julie, one of the Poppies, and my favourite month is July - it's actually our common birthday month with Poppy, my partner.

Our journey to creating Poppies in July started some years ago, when I had just returned to Greece from England, and I was trying to furnish our new home. I then discovered Poppy's fabulous furnishings store and found my paradise, right there. I love colourful, cosy home decor and honest, straightforward people, therefore it didn't take long before we bonded with Poppy and her family.

Working as a manager in multinational companies, I enjoyed several aspects of my job, but somehow I wasn't fulfilled; I wanted to work in the design world, to do something that could make our lives and homes more colourful and unique. Pursuing a career and feeling burned out doesn't make you happier. And so one evening in July, we took the decision to start a new line of products and our online shop. Two years of planning, and here we are! Aiming to add a little spice to your homes, our nests, with beautifully hand crafted decor. 

More than ever we need to focus on positive things during these times. Something new, something good will come out after this period. It may feel like a longer winter, but perhaps it gives us the time to re-evaluate things; creativity, compassion, time with our loved ones, time with ourselves, appreciation for every simple moment. Spring is on its way. And summer will come too. Glorious wild poppies will bloom again. 

— By Julie Zioga

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