How to refresh your home easily

Homes, just like us, need refreshing, authentic furnishings to express our mood throughout the seasons and to add a touch of spice and individuality. 

In order to design a room, I always start with a source of inspiration that becomes my main canvas, usually something beloved, like a favourite painting or a kid’s drawing, maybe an old family heirloom or an object that brings memories from a trip. Inspiration can even stem from a colourful piece of fabric that can become part of the design, by transforming it into a beautiful, unique frame. You can use your own favourite item as your inspiration point.

I usually put the “canvas’’ piece at a prominent position to evoque joy and warm feelings. Also, I prefer it to be visible from many angles because the entire decor unfolds around it: colours, theme, style, eras, everything blends in, even objects that don’t match at a first thought.

In the same way now that spring is at its full bloom, our centerpiece for rearranging a room can be a bouquet cut from a field outside - even downtown Athens is full of blooming sour cherry trees and lilac trees. To freshen up your living room, you just need to change your winter sofa covers with light summery ones or just to cover them with a neutral or bright throw.

Store the thick curtains and let the house breathe by keeping only the sheer ones. In the same mood you may want to remove your carpets or rugs and just use cotton kilims.

Colourful cushions will put the last but very important touch and this is actually my favourite moment, when I see our Poppies in July cushions completing this transformation, making a room a happier space. 

— By Poppy Stefanaki

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