Gallery walls

A gallery wall is in essence something like the collages we used to make in the 80’s when we hang photos of our favourite bands, art, quotes, notes, even tickets!  It is a collection of beloved items put together on a wall-art framework.  

So what qualifies to go on your wall? Anything you like to see every day! It can be your favourite art, your children's drawings, photos, mirrors, sculptures, wall lamps, awards, metals, notes, plates, even jewellery, categorised or just blending in together.

What's the best place to make your gallery wall? Any awkward empty space! Οver your sofa, around a door or a piece of furniture, on a column, on the upper part of the wall, at an empty stairway.


There are many professional ways and tips for creating a gallery wall, colour based, theme based…and so on. My experience has taught me that the perfect gallery wall is the one that simply makes you happy. Maybe you like things symmetrical or enjoy asymmetrical arrangements; you may go for monochromatic collections or multi coloured ones, items of the same category or blending various types of objects, on and off the wall.

Stefanaki_gallery_frames in frames_01

The key is to create something inspiring that will add life and style to your space; eclectic with a curated collection of art, minimal and sophisticated, colourful or black and white, not just with art but playing with 3 dimensional items…it is your choice.


How to actually make it? I usually start by measuring the amount of space I want to fill and tape off a square that size on the floor; I then group the items, lay them within the square and play around with their positions, moving things around, before I start to hang! I always leave some space for new additions, as I prefer to see it as a work in progress, rather than a static installation. 

You may want to have a statement piece like a large painting, and use everything else as satellites around it in this case make sure to put it off center, so that it doesn't become the total centre of attention. Keep your second largest piece separate from the first, to create balance.

If you'd like it to look a little bit more curated, you may decide to work with similar pieces or tones; same size frames, same theme (ie a collection of plates), or what I usually do is just keeping a cohesive colour palette, hanging items that are similar in tone and intensity. That makes your pieces blend in, and creates a beautiful total result.

What's most important — add something personal! Create a statement wall that has your personal touch.


The rule is freedom and creativity, become your own gallery wall’s expert and enjoy the process!

—By Poppy Stefanaki

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