Something good

Gallery walls

A gallery wall is in essence something like the collages we used to make in the 80’s when we hang photos of our favourite bands, art, quotes, notes, even tickets!  It is a collection of beloved items put together on a wall-art framework.  

So what qualifies to go on your wall? Anything you like to see every day! It can be your favourite art, your children's drawings, photos, mirrors, sculptures, wall lamps, awards, metals, notes, plates, even jewellery, categorised or just blending in together.

What's the best place to make your gallery wall? Any awkward empty space! Οver your...

Spring and Greek Easter

There is something truly magical about Easter in Greece. The feeling of rebirth is all around in the air. Families and friends get together to celebrate, spring and Easter are actually one, a gigantic celebration, a resurrection of the senses; and as in nature, also for us, every year there is an opportunity to change, to start over, start fresh.

No other season brings us closer to nature than spring time; everything around us is transformed, nature takes new colours and new shapes are born, like a painting that is slowly being completed. 


How to refresh your home easily

Homes, just like us, need refreshing, authentic furnishings to express our mood throughout the seasons and to add a touch of spice and individuality. 

In order to design a room, I always start with a source of inspiration that becomes my main canvas, usually something beloved, like a favourite painting or a kid’s drawing, maybe an old family heirloom or an object that brings memories from a trip. Inspiration can even stem from a colourful piece of fabric that can become part of the design, by transforming it into a beautiful, unique frame. You can use your own favourite item as your...

July, our birthday month

Hi! I am Julie, one of the Poppies, and my favourite month is July - it's actually our common birthday month with Poppy, my partner.

Our journey to creating Poppies in July started some years ago, when I had just returned to Greece from England, and I was trying to furnish our new home. I then discovered Poppy's fabulous furnishings store and found my paradise, right there. I love colourful, cosy home decor and honest, straightforward people, therefore it didn't take long before we bonded with Poppy and her family.

Working as a manager in multinational companies, I enjoyed...

My full name is Kalliope

My full name is Kalliope - I was named after my grandmother, and the Muse who in ancient Greece, presided over eloquence, poetry, music and writing - and everybody calls me Poppy. I am one of the Poppies in July.

I have been working as an interior designer and interiors shop owner my entire adult life. In our shop we felt at home and so did our clients. In a very relaxing ambience you could find the epitome of mix and match; carved wooden antiques next to contemporary pieces, beautiful upholstered furniture against tropical and colourful wallpapers;...