Poppies in July

Just like a poppy in a sea of green, dancing in the summer breeze, our eye catching furnishings evoke delight and wonder.  By marrying tradition and craft with a modern-day narrative new eclectic designs, colour combinations and exclusive items are born.  These unique touches of luxury will brighten and spice up any home.  

Attention to detail is at the heart of what we do. We care about each cultural inspiration, colour, thread and stitch. This respect for craft and heritage combined with our modern outlook ensures we offer something truly authentic.  Exciting contrasts and combinations are intertwined to create a colourful story, inspired by Southern Europe and beyond. 

Our female artists and designers bring an individual sense of colour and expertise to our range. Created in Greece, we empower these talented women to continue their art form and handicraft into the future. The result is a range of products to be treasured not only for their power to transform a room but for the intricate craft, time dedicated and personal story.

Poppies in July. Home furnishings for a brighter home. 

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